Research of Conferences

Defcon23 2015.8.6 USA

1. Low-cost GPS simulator – GPS spoofing by SDR
2. Build a free cellular traffic capture tool with a vxworks based femoto
3. I'm A Newbie Yet I Can Hack ZigBee – Take Unauthorized Control Over ZigBee Devices

Defcon24 2016.8.4 USA

1. Forcing a Targeted LTE Cellphone into Unsafe Network
2. Deep Learning on CAN BUS Security Flaws in Automotive Immobilizer
3. Security Flaws in Automotive Immobilizer

BlackHat 2016.8.4 USA

The Risk from Power Lines:How to Sniff the G3 and Prime Data and Detect the Interfere Attack

CanSetWest 2016.3.18 Canada

Attack and defense toolkits in High/Low frequency

HITB 2016.5.23 Holland

1. Forging a wireless time signal to ttack NTP servers
2. Forcing a targeted LTE cellphone into an eavesdropping network
3. Cansee: an automobile intrusion detection system

BlackHat 2017.7 USA

1. 'Ghost Telephonist' Link Hijack Exploitations in 4G LTE CS Fallback
2. Arsenal: Attack Passive Keyless Entry System Using HackKey

DEFCON25 2017.7.27 USA

1. Man in the NFC
2. 'Ghost Telephonist' Impersonates You Through LTE CSFB
3. Panel: DEF CON Groups
4. Vendor: 360 Security Innovation Alliance

Technology Transfer:SkyScan

SkyScan has already been chosen to be deployed in DongGuan, the most advanced IT city in South China. There will be up to 10 thousand SkyScan equipments settled down in this big project named "Smart City". SkyScan will protect all public wireless hotspots in this city.

Unicorn Arsenal

Hack and Make,Just for Fun